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Benin's largest city, Cotonou, is characterised by an impressive market and culture, with a large number of shops, restaurants, hotels and restaurants. It also has a high level of education and a strong cultural heritage, as well as a rich history. In addition to its impressive markets and cultures, the city is home to a variety of cultural events, including the annual Benin Festival, a national festival of music, dance, art, music and crafts. The city is located at the Kousso and Kovangou, the highest point of Benin.

This cultural landmark has become one of the most interesting sights in Benin, especially if you are interested in historical facts and events. This is a must-see - a visit to Benin and an important part of any visit to Cotonou, as well as the cultural heritage of the city.

If you want to be introduced to the interesting history of the palace of Benin, a good choice is a suitable guide who will tell you all about this place. This World Heritage is a visit full of history, with many historical facts and information about the history of Cotonou and its inhabitants.

If you want to get a full idea of the history and culture of Benin, take a guide (preferably a local guide) who will show you the most interesting facts about this museum. If you are planning a big trip to Ben in, you should definitely check out our long "Benin travel guide."

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This information is intended as a guide, but should not be taken as advice on how to stay healthy in Benin. Such information can only be provided by a licensed health professional and it is expected that you will be travelling to Benin. This perspective will give you the best orientation if you understand the risks and are well informed.

Benin is an adventure and you will be amazed by the amazing places that this small place has to offer for Benin. It is clear that today no tourist goes to Benin who does not want to see Vodun. The beach of Sam Ben in is another tourist attraction that you would also love. Tourists go to feel the pristine waters and beautiful sand whenever they visit this attraction in Sam in Benine, but it is clear that today there are tourists who not only go to the beach but also to all tourist attractions.

There is an extremely punctual and reliable bus system, which runs on average every day to all major cities in Benin. This is good news for tourists, because Ben in has a large number of tour operators and companies that organize beautiful tours.

If you are on holiday in West Africa, you should definitely visit Benin, because the country has so much to see and do. The road trip to the south coast is an adventure in itself, but the surf tour is worth it during your holiday in Ben in. Off the beaten path, there are many well-frequented hiking trails and trails on the west coast of the island of Côte d'Ivoire, all located in Benin, are a wonderful tourist attraction in Benin. Visit us and save yourself the rest of the day to make your tour another sightseeing tour in Benin!

If you want to settle in Cotonou and see more of the countryside, such as the beautiful beaches of Benin, beaches and beaches in general, consider a five-day stay.

Benin alone is worth a visit, but you should make sure that your passport is valid for the date you have chosen. From July 2019, it will be possible to get a one-way ticket from Cotonou to Benin for 20 US dollars on arrival. Some vendors sell it as a two-day tour for $25 or as a three-night stay for a total of $50.

The best and recommended time to visit Benin is therefore the dry season from November to February. With only one week you can see a good cross section of southern Benin, but in the north you will find Cotonou as a prominent example.

Cotonou is located between Lake Nokoue and the Atlantic Ocean and is one of the best places to visit for tourism and tourism in general. This is a great opportunity not only to visit some beautiful sights, but also to discover the historical, tourist and cultural wealth of Benin. Start your adventure with a visit to the beautiful landmark, the historic city of CotonOU, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

More About Cotonou

More About Cotonou