Cotonou Benin Accor Hotel

The central element of the water body at the entrance recalls the Cotonou canals and the Atlantic Ocean. Benin's unique culture is filled with pride and appreciation for the beauty of nature. At night, the eyes - striking details such as floral allusions to the local botanical gardens - sparkle at night.

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Studio Sundukovy Sisters has its own department, which is specifically dedicated to the development and construction of furniture for hotels and other high-end hotels in Cambodia. Every specialist has the ability to work with designer furniture that meets the highest standards.

In each room of the Sofitel, guests will find refined and elegant materials that create a relaxed atmosphere of luxury. The sitting areas are furnished with comfortable and inviting chairs, tables and chairs from the best brands in the world, giving guests a homely touch. At the restaurant, the designers focused on creating the perfect culinary experience and bringing the best things France has to offer, such as fine wine, fine food and excellent service. This combined design element brings the ideology of the Sofitsel brand to life and promotes the exceptional privilege of guests.

More About Cotonou

More About Cotonou