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South Korea's baseball league has canceled its three-game series against Japan, scheduled for March 14-24. Japan's professional baseball leagues have decided to play their 72 pre-season games behind closed doors on March 15.

The RFL's Super League has now followed suit, postponing all matches for at least three weeks. It has agreed to suspend all competition action with immediate effect, the Rugby League Federation of England and the League of Legends have announced.

The races in Ireland had been scheduled to take place behind closed doors from 29 March, but that decision was changed after the government cancelled all sporting events. There had been speculation that the Olympics would be cancelled or resumed with events linked to the Games, which were cancelled due to a lack of public support for the sport following last week's terrorist attacks in Paris.

England's trip to Sri Lanka has been postponed and the England and Wales Cricket Board has called it "completely unprecedented." China have lost a Davis Cup match while the men's team is due to travel to Romania for the play-off on March 6 and 7.

The 2020 Olympics have been pushed back to 2021, making them the last major sporting event of the summer to fall victim to the coronavirus. The World Indoor Championships in Athletics in Nanjing from 13 to 15 March and the World Outdoor Championships in Athletics (22 to 26 April in Yangzhou) have been postponed until March 2021. The 2020 Tokyo Olympics have also been postponed, with the men's and women's 4x100m freestyle relay teams postponed until the 2020 Summer Olympics. It is the first time since the 2004 Athens Olympics that the relay at the Summer Games has not been complete.

Qualification for the Wuhan Olympic boxing bouts was cancelled by the International Olympic Committee, but the leg was held in Amman from March 3 to 11. The World Badminton Championships for Polish men and women in Warsaw from 11 to 13 March have been cancelled due to "strict health and safety regulations." There is no guarantee of a place for the 322 participants in the World Indoor Championships from 13 to 15 March in Beijing.

The Guardian recalls that the squirrels gave Benin coach Amodu Shaibu - led by the Super Eagles - a major headache in their group game when Nigeria lost 3-1 to the Pharaohs of Egypt. The Eagles beat the Squirrels 2-0 at the 2008 World Cup in Ghana, but the Eagles defeated them at the World Cup last year.

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The QSI International School of Benin will be open to the public for the first time in the history of the school on Saturday, October 1st, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The QSI International School of Benin (QBNN) is an independent, co-educational day school that opened in August 2012. The primary purpose of the school is to meet the needs of children living abroad in Cotonou and to continue their education in their home country with minimal adaptations. Ben, educational programmes are also offered to citizens who wish to study in Benin with a view to higher education. In addition to its traditional, results-oriented education program, the Q SI International School of Benin also offers a wide range of special education programs for students of all ages and backgrounds.

Benin's latitude ranges from 6o30N to 12o 30N and is bounded by Niger to the south, Benin to the east and the Atlantic to the north. It stretches from the border between Nigeria and Cameroon, north - west of Cotonou, south - east of Toffo, and stretches across the Niamey River and north into Cameroon, Niger, Ivory Coast, Mali, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Senegal, Cameroon and Niger. The capital of the country, Côte d'Ivoire, is the capital and largest city in Africa with a population of around 1.5 million and is located in ToFFo.

Benin is the second largest producer of imported electricity in the world after Ghana, which currently accounts for a significant proportion of the country's imports. The United States has been instrumental in promoting trade with Benin and has helped Nigeria, Niger and Burkina Faso obtain large volumes of their own imports through the port of Cotonou. This has led to the development of a number of initiatives to help educate the government and its public about the importance of trade and economic development in the region, as well as the need for increased investment in education and infrastructure.

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